“There’s nothing creative about living within your means.” – Francis Ford Coppola

The Gallery

The Gallery US / 2007 / Color / Min. Producer/Writer/Director/Editor: Jes Therkelsen Original score by Jes Therkelsen Opening a gallery is harder work than most artists anticipate, but sometimes a little perspective can go a long way. With artist Rob Vander Zee.

Four Minutes

You sit down on a chair in a large circle of chairs facing inward. In front of you, another concentric circle of chairs facing out. A bell rings and you begin conversation. You have four minutes to make a connection with the man or with the woman in front of you. Then the bell rings again, and you now have…

Booms Up

For a lot of people, throwing boomerangs can be a meditative art, a metaphor for life in a lot of ways. How you put something out, will come back to you.