The Best Part of Everything

The Best Part of Everything US / 2006 / Color / 34 Min. Producer/Writer/Director/Editor: Jes Therkelsen Original score by Jes Therkelsen Weaved together by an assemblage of aesthetically and emotionally rich interviews, an extraordinary array of archival material and verite footage, The Best Part of Everything explores an American family facing their hopes, dreams, ambitions, and regrets as the 20-something…

To Steal A Bicycle

To Steal A Bicycle US / 2007 / Color / 12:30 Min. Producer/Writer/Director/Editor: Jes Therkelsen Original score by Jes Therkelsen The sting of having a bicycle stolen can be painful, yet the process of discovery can be worse. Told through the voices of real victims, this short documentary amusingly investigates public awareness, police response, pro shop experience and street wisdom.…

Missed Connections

Have you ever wondered about the places you never went to? The friends you never got a chance to know? The love you never had a chance to discover? Screenings/Awards Include: • D.C. Shorts Film Festival, Washington D.C. • Politics and Prose, Washington D.C. • International Documentary Challenge: Best of D.C. • AFI Theater, Silver Springs • Warehouse Next Door

Clean Hands Project

In the summer of 2008, thirteen Nepali activists and journalists, who are part of the Dalit ‘untouchable’ caste, used professional video and photography equipment within their communities. In three months, these one-on-one workshops produced over 4000 photographs and over 60 hours of video footage. The Clean Hands Project offers a snapshot of their lives and the issues they and other…


The city is a visual playground. Thousands of images vie for our attention; whether consciously perceived by us or not, they are communicating to us. UNsceneDC is a collection of user generated videos positioned on a map at the exact location where they were recorded. This project was made possible through funding from the DC Arts and Humanities Council.

Science Communication

For two years, I served as The College of William and Mary’s first Filmmaker in Residence. Visual communication is a powerful tool and an increasingly essential skill for all students, especially students of science. Clear communication leads to an informed public, which drives public policy and the formation of grass roots initiatives. It’s of vital importance to the advancement of…

Seize This!

Work-in-progress Produced and Directed by: Jes Therkelsen & Leena Jayaswal Edited by: Jes Therkelsen, Emily Brigham, and Kelly Donnelan How hard would you fight to stay in your home? What line would you draw? When a successful real estate developer proclaims he can generate more revenue for the fiscally bankrupt town of Norwood, Ohio, by building a shopping complex where…

The Gallery

The Gallery US / 2007 / Color / Min. Producer/Writer/Director/Editor: Jes Therkelsen Original score by Jes Therkelsen Opening a gallery is harder work than most artists anticipate, but sometimes a little perspective can go a long way. With artist Rob Vander Zee.

Four Minutes

You sit down on a chair in a large circle of chairs facing inward. In front of you, another concentric circle of chairs facing out. A bell rings and you begin conversation. You have four minutes to make a connection with the man or with the woman in front of you. Then the bell rings again, and you now have…

Booms Up

For a lot of people, throwing boomerangs can be a meditative art, a metaphor for life in a lot of ways. How you put something out, will come back to you.